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Our Berkshires campground offers the ultimate camping experience from May to September, featuring themed weekends filled with activities for all ages. Enjoy competitive games like cornhole and volleyball, dance to DJ music, gather around communal bonfires, and participate in games like Bingo and Left Right Center Dice Game. Don't miss our signature golf cart parades! With a variety of activities, it's the perfect place for both relaxation and fun. Check our event schedule, choose your themed weekend, and prepare for an unforgettable Berkshire adventure!

* All activities are subject to change due to weather or attendance—please check with the office on Fridays for any updates.


Treasure Hunt Weekend

Fri. 31st  7:00 Cornhole

Sat. 1st  1:00 Treasure Hunt

               3:00 Cornhole

               7:00 Movie in Pavilion


Bubble Weekend

Fri. 7th  7:00 Cornhole

Sat. 8th 11:00 Giant Bubble Fun

                5:00 Family Cookout Potluck (Pull Tabs)

                8:00 Cornhole

Father's Day Weekend

Fri. 14th. 7:00 Cornhole

Sat. 15th  11:00 Craft for Dad

                   2:00 Horseshoes 


Easter Weekend

Fri. 21st  7:00 Cornhole

Sat. 22nd  11:00 Egg Hop

                   2:00 Bingo

                   6:00 Adult Egg Hunt

Pool Games Weekend

Fri. 28th 7:00 Cornhole

Sat. 29th  11:00 Kids Pool Games

                  3:00 Cornhole

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